treatment types

DuraClimb CCA Climbing Additive

Poles treated with DuraClimb® CCA with Climbing Additive have a refined hydrocarbon oil emulsion added in the outer layer of the pole following treatment. The viscous oil emulsion serves as a lubricant, making the surface condition of the pole easier to climb and to work on compared to traditional CCA poles.

Key Features

  • Rural Utilities Service approved.
  • The longevity of CCA-treated wood - resistance to termites and fungal decay for decades.
  • Excellent climbing characteristics confirmed by numerous field-climbing trials on both new and aged poles.
  • Reduces the need for future groundline remedial treatment, since fixation of CCA decreases preservative migration.
  • Stationary preservative also eliminates the need to rotate poles during storage.
  • Low corrosivity.