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For 24-7 Storm Response call us at 855-219-POLE. 

Proper response to natural disasters is no accident. At Koppers our storm response efforts are recognized as the best in the business. And it’s for good reason. Months of advanced planning and documentation go into our storm response efforts to ensure our customers know exactly what to expect from us during a storm event.

Potential large-scale weather events are monitored by Koppers days in advance of their expected impact and information on inventory levels and material in-transit is communicated immediately to customers so that adjustments can be made as needed.

With our large and geographically diverse group of treating plants reload yards and re-manufacturing operations, Koppers has the necessary redundancy in its operations to ensure storms do not cripple production or jeopardize material flow. And when it comes to the so-called “last mile” of deliveries during storm events, utilities can count on our dedicated and highly knowledgeable drivers to make sure materials arrive where they are most needed.

Hurricanes, tornados, floods and ice. Whatever Mother Nature delivers customers can find peace of mind knowing much-needed materials are available when and where they are needed.

Storm response is not about having a plan just for storms; it’s about an innate sense of how you do business, that there is a sense of urgency in making sure the customer comes first, and that you have the capabilities and resources embedded in your organization to make that possible.