Construction Supplies

Keeping project sites safe, environmentally sound and on schedule. That’s what we help do.

Koppers provides a wide range of wood-based construction supplies for use on a variety of job sites.

construction site - excavation detail, with piles and lagging and retainers

Available in untreated oak, mixed hardwoods or Southern Yellow pines, our mats help ensure your equipment keeps moving and projects stay on schedule. Additionally, mats help avoid potential environmental challenges related to erosion and contamination by providing protection between your equipment and the ground.

Available in Douglas fir or Southern Yellow pine, our float stages do just what the name says, float. 

Our lagging boards are an economical solution for supporting excavation during a project. Their versatility ensures they can be easily modified to fit the changing needs of a specific building design. Our trench boards are an obvious choice particularly when worker safety could be compromised by the nature of the work.