Sustainable Lifecycle Services

Koppers is the country’s first and only pole manufacturer to offer a business approach and breadth of related services designed to further support an environmentally sustainable approach to utility pole management.

From the ongoing planting of tree seedlings to extending pole life through regular field inspections, Koppers stands ready to support your company’s business and environmental goals. Additionally, our Total Lifecycle Pricing Program provides utilities a cost effective and financially advantageous method to customize services and programs into the initial cost of a new pole.

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Sustainable Management of Forest Lands

Proper management of the pole product lifecycle begins with implementing tree growing standards that reflect the latest and most advanced forestry expertise available. As members of multiple organizations involved in the proper stewardship of forest resources, KUIP foresters are committed to helping landowners maximize the value of their investment while maintaining sound, ecologically focused growing principles. Our Seedling Per Pole Program ensures replanting of new trees occurs whenever old ones are harvested.

Manufacturing Plants Nationwide

Maximizing pole quality and availability requires both a technically advanced manufacturing network and the expertise that comes with employees who have decades of experience. With manufacturing operations in eight states and reload yards nationwide, KUIP offers a broad range of products in a variety of wood species and treatment types. The strategic location of our plants ensures easy access to raw materials, quick shipment by truck or rail, and the ability to monitor and optimize production across multiple facilities to meet our customer’s inventory needs.

Multiple Preservative Systems

Through the combined efforts of Koppers Performance Chemicals, KUIP offers the industry’s only fully integrated vertical system for producing CCA, CCA with Climbing Additive, DCOI and Creosote pole preservatives. We offer a full range of high performance oil and water based treated products including CCA, DCOI and Creosote.

Pole Inspection and Maintenance

Koppers Utility Services focuses on the maintenance of wooden utility poles. Benefits of a maintenance program can include prolonging the life of your assets, reducing failures or outages, improving reliability, and more efficiently deploying line crews, all of which combine to optimize your overall system costs. With a range of inspection, treatment, and maintenance services offered, Koppers Utility Services works with you to develop a comprehensive pole maintenance program driven by your needs and your budget.

Pole Disposal

Our pole disposal business provides utilities the final link in managing pole lifecycle.
We provide environmentally friendly, turnkey solutions for wood waste disposal that includes not only poles, but other forms of wood waste including reels and pallets.
We identify the best disposal solution for utilities based on the realities of cost, commitment to sustainability, legal compliance and any logistical restrictions or opportunities available.