Utility Poles

Koppers Poles—Integral To America’s Past & Future Infrastructure

Decade after decade Koppers’ poles have helped deliver essential electrical and communication services to Americans nationwide. Customers recognize the unmatched quality, durability, and availability of Koppers poles as integral to their operational success.

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Wood Species

Our forestry experts see both the forest
AND the trees.

Our experienced team of foresters works diligently with timber landowners to procure wood from sustainably managed forests grown throughout the Southeastern United States. Key to their success is their ability to identify and harvest timber “barkies” which match both market demand and our exacting manufacturing specifications.

Treatment Types

Wood preservatives readily available and designed to protect your investment.

As the industry’s only vertically integrated provider of both poles and treatment chemicals, Koppers sits at the forefront of preservative development. We provide preservative and enhancement products that help prevent damage from termites, rot, fungal decay, fire, and more.

Our heavy-duty CCA preservative has been specifically formulated to protect poles and crossarms by countering the attack of termites and fungi while keeping wood clean, odorless, non-staining and safe to handle when used as directed.


Through the use of Koppers Climbing Additive Technology this treatment offers the enhanced climbability of an oil emulsion, along with the proven durability of CCA treatment. The viscous oil emulsion of this treatment serves as a lubricant making it easier to climb than traditional CCA treated poles.


Koppers is one of the world’s largest producers of creosote and this petroleum-based treatment remains a market favorite particularly in South Central areas of the United States. Additionally, once its service life is complete, its strong BTU value makes it an attractive biomass fuel.


DCOI is an EPA-approved, patent-pending preservative formulation developed by Koppers Performance Chemicals. DCOI is both AWPA (P39) and RUS approved as an organic oil-borne preservative for utility poles and crossarms.