Koppers acquires Brown Wood Preserving Company

Behind the Pines
Follow behind the scenes as we show you how a utility pole is made; from selecting timber, to the treating process, and shipping to the customer.
Join experts from national research laboratories, government energy regulators and senior utility executives as they discuss protecting the electric grid as natural disasters become both more frequent and more costly.
Topical thought leadership and the latest news updates as it relates to the electric utility industry and Koppers.

Utility Products & Services

Koppers is one of the largest utility pole manufacturer in United States, serving a broad customer base including investor-owned, cooperative and municipal utility companies.
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Industrial Products

Wood piling is a mainstay of foundation systems. Engineers and contractors depend on wood piling to perform its intended function in all kinds of structures, including piers, docks, bulkheads, manufacturing plants and commercial buildings.
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Here you can find documents on, Warranty Information, Consumer Information, Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data, and Frequently Asked Questions.
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