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Koppers Delivers The Last Mile

Date: 4/4/2024


As our partners in both the electric utility and broadband industries know, making the vital connection to the so-called “last mile” of their service territory is often the most difficult. Similarly, for Koppers the last mile for us often defines the success of our business. The comparison drawn between delivering essential services and delivering poles underscores the importance of this final step in the process.

For Koppers, ensuring efficient transportation of poles to their final destinations requires careful coordination between runner and boom trucks. With over 21,000 deliveries and 2.5 million miles traveled annually, managing this logistics network is akin to running a mid-sized airport. This complexity highlights the importance of effective scheduling and communication to ensure timely deliveries.

Natural disasters and adverse weather conditions further compound the challenges faced by our drivers. Koppers’ long-standing 24/7 Storm Response Program demonstrates the company's commitment to overcoming these obstacles and prioritizing the needs of our customers. Traveling in weather and road conditions that most try to avoid, our dedicated drivers know the importance of getting deliveries made to ensure the continuity of essential services.

Given the often solitary nature of their work and the challenging environments they operate in, measuring the performance of drivers can be difficult. However, customer confidence in the abilities of Koppers' drivers serves as a testament to their professionalism and reliability, as this recently completed research shows.

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We couldn’t be prouder of the work our drivers do to cover the last mile and we thank our customers for the confidence they also have in us.

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