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For over 150 years creosote has served as an effective wood treatment for utility poles. As the country’s only vertically integrated producer of DuraPine® Creosote preservative and poles, Koppers has decades of experience as a dependable supplier of this durable and environmentally friendly form of wood protection.


Key Features

DuraPine Creosote is an excellent choice for both coastal or dry climate- based utilities. Unlike other preservatives, DuraPine Creosote repels salt spray and saltwater, so the chemical does not hydrolyze. While its oil-based nature works extremely well in hot, dry climates by lubricating the pole thereby reducing splitting and cracking.

DuraPine Creosote utilizes an oil-based carrier giving the pole substantially more flex compared to other preservatives and making it an ideal fit for poles prone to impact loads from wind and ice.

Poles treated with DuraPine Creosote have a relatively low water solubility, so they are less likely to prematurely fail in high alkaline soils affected by either high moisture content or a high water table.

DuraPine Creosote is made entirely from coal, a naturally occurring, organic substance commonly found in soil. Poles treated with DuraPine Creosote do not need to be landfilled, as their high BTU value makes them an excellent biomass feedstock that’s useful in the production of energy.