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DuraPine® DCOI is an EPA-approved, patent-pending preservative formulation developed by Koppers Performance Chemicals. DuraPine DCOI is both AWPA (P39) and RUS approved as an organic oil-borne preservative for utility poles and crossarms.

Key Features

 DuraPine DCOI is the only DCOI made from raw materials sourced globally based on a redundant, multi-location strategy.

When climate conditions are cold the oil-borne nature of our DuraPine DCOI treatment makes poles far less susceptible to effects of freezing temperature, including checking, pole twist or breakage.

DCOI is a non-restricted use pesticide, free of heavy metals, which reduces potential consumer concerns over interaction with the treated pole.

DuraPine DCOI treated poles are low in odor and non-corrosive to pole hardware.

DuraPine DCOI is an oil-based preservative that creates a softer pole surface so linemen can quickly attach gaffs and climb without delay.

The more natural brown, “tree-like” look of DuraPine DCOI treated poles makes them an aesthetic favorite to consumers. DuraPine DCOI poles carry a 50 year warranty.

From recycling to energy recovery, DuraPine DCOI treated poles can be disposed of in a multitude of ways depending upon state law and proper permitting.

Lineman Asending Utility Pole