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As the industry’s only vertically integrated provider of both poles and treatment chemicals, KUIP sits at the forefront of preservative development. We provide preservative and enhancement products that help prevent damage from termites, rot, fungal decay, fire, and more.

Affordable and So Much More

KUIP is one of the largest producers of CCA-treated piling in the country, and with the expertise of our sister company, Koppers Performance Chemicals.


The chemical used to preserve DuraPine® CCA pressure-treated wood is a solution of chromated copper arsenate, known as CCA. The preservative has been formulated to render wood useless as a food substance for termites and fungi while keeping the wood clean, odorless, non-staining, and safe to handle when used as recommended.

In accordance with the label on CCA preservative, CCA treated wood may be produced for the following uses as referenced in the 2019 AWPA standards:

  • UC5A, 5B, 5C - Lumber and Timber (for Salt Water Use), Piles, Wood for Marine Construction