Marine Treated Wood

Marine Environments are Tough; KUIP Marine Treated Wood is Tougher

Koppers Utility & Industrial Products has the ability to treat 2.5# heavy retention CCA material for marine use. We offer a broad range of timber piling, as well as, many dimensions of lumber and timbers. This material can be used as support piling for docks/marinas, bulkheads, and piers, turning dolphins, timber cribbing and many other marine related applications.

Typical Applications

  • Docks
  • Bulkheads
  • Groins, dolphins and marine piling
  • Boathouses
  • Dune crossovers
  • Pole Homes
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The Ideal Marine Material; Wood has been the marine construction material of choice ever since man launched his first boat.

When exposed to the often severe buffeting of both wind and waves, the flexibility of wood can yield superior resistance as compared to rigid construction materials. In addition, wood can't rust, won't corrode, and doesn't spall.

In the event structural damage does occur, wood can usually be repaired in a more efficient and less costly way than other construction materials. And repairs can be made in all kinds of weather, in both wet and dry environments, often using nothing more complicated than ordinary carpentry tools.

Furthermore, wood is a renewable resource with several environmental advantages.

Destructive Marine Organisms; Without adequate preservative protection, wood is subject to destruction from marine organisms such as Toredo (a shipworm that bores elaborate tunnels within wood) and Limnoria (gribbles that attack the exterior surface in a band around piling). DuraPine® Heavy Duty Wood can prevent these organisms from destroying wood.


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